Double Shot – Saturday 27th of May


Saturday 7.00 pm, 27th May,2023
Old Library Building Arts Centre
7 Rust Avenue, Whangarei


Double Shot provide a colourful mixture of percussion instruments based around marimba and vibraphone. Playful contemporary pieces include Steve Reich, and John Psathas, alongside an arrangement of Debussy’s ‘La boîte à joujoux’. The duo’s strength lies in the wonderfully variety of their performances, and the rich, mellow resonance of their instruments. 


The concert begins with a set of playful, lively crowd-pleasers by contemporary composers. The second half is dedicated to Debussy’s exquisite storytelling through his ballet score La boîte à joujoux (The Toy Box) which has been arranged for Double Shot by Yoshiko Tsuruta.


Yoshiko Tsuruta, marimba, percussion.

Jeremy Fitzsimons, vibraphone, percussion.

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