A bit about us.

The Whangarei Music Society, in partnership with Chamber Music New Zealand, brings you a programme of live world class, predominantly classical music. We access top quality musicians to perform in this city. 

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. For the Society, it has meant reducing from four concerts to two. Our remaining two concerts, now on the 16th of August and the 10th of October, and will be held at our venue, the Old Library Music Centre in Rust Avenue. The August concert, the Lucien Johnson Quartet, is at our usual time of 2.30pm on a Sunday, but our last concert is now on a Saturday evening at 7.30pm. This change has been necessitated by scheduling changes and the availability of the musicians. 

The concerts are open to the public, and subscribed members. Non members pay $35 each concert, while subscribed members pay $25, along with a yearly subscription. This subscription is $15, down from $30, to reflect the reduction in concerts. Being a member has benefits of guaranteeing seating,  providing voting rights at the AGM, and supporting the Society’s need to access future funding as membership numbers provide evidence of committed interest and participation.

For those who have already paid the full amount for the year you can request a refund, have money credited for the next year, or make a donation. The Society,  which has operated since 1954, is an incorporated society, registered with the Charities Commission, so that any donations are tax deductible.

Safety at our concerts.

We are all naturally concerned that we are safe in larger numbers with those we do not know. Luckily, our venue’s capacity is far greater than our usual concert numbers, and so social distancing can be managed. We will be offering no refreshments. A register of attendees from our membership list, with additional casual names added, will be kept. Extra care with cleaning will be done, and hand sanitiser made available.